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Beta RR Supermotard 50 2T (AM6)

Beta RR as a super motard

A slim and manoeuvrable platform powered by a seemingly modest 50ccm engine forms the framework for the Supermotard variant of the Beta RR model.

Beta's success in several Enduro competitions has undoubtedly influenced their development of the RR model and it also explains why the SuperMotard is so fun to ride, even though the power plant is modest. With a Beta RR you buy directly into a pedigree with racing heritage and the RR Motard 50 is available in various equipment levels: There are the basic RR Motard 50, RR Motard 50 Sport and RR Motard 50 Track which offer various graphic themes, suspension- and brake components as well as different rim types but common to all of them is the powerful AM6 engine.

Speedline knows the AM6 and Beta

We at Speedline have many years of knowledge of the AM6 engine, which dates back to some of the first models that came with it. This knowledge guarantees you a selection of good quality spare parts for your Beta with AM6 engine. We carry products from several well-known brands such as Malossi, Barikit, Voca, Top Performances, Yasuni, Gianelli and not least Polini of which we are proud, Danish importer. Our selection guarantees that you can find everything you need to maintain or improve your Beta machine with everything from cylinder kits, exhausts, gears, chains, oil, care products or styling so we welcome you to our diverse range here at Speedline.

Welcome to Speedline

At Speedline, it has been our mission since the beginning to offer a wide selection of good components, competitive prices and not least a world-class customer service. Our pursuit of this ideal has made us a strong brand that can proudly say that we are a well-known and trusted name in every moped-driver's household. If you find it difficult to find a special product on our website, or are now looking for something that is outside the usual spare parts, you are more than welcome to contact us on tel: +45 8651 1181 or on mail: