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HI: PE offers a wide range of colorful parts in styling, specially selected engine spare parts and even tools. For HI: PE, it is about being able to offer good, robust and well-thought-out products that ensure you a good experience throughout.

HI: PE is a clever summary of Hi gh Pe rformance, which makes most people think about tuning, but HI: PE attaches more importance to "High Performance" than just speed across the field. High Performance can also be used to explain durability, quality and to some extent also finish - and that is what HI: PE lives and breathes for: The good durability, the good finish, the good quality.

48 varer
Headlight bulb - BA20D LED 12V, 88W- HI:PE


Headlight bulb - BA20D LED 12V, 88W- HI:PE

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