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Cross helmets

Find your helmet size by measuring the circumference of your head in centimeters.

XS: 55-56cm M: 57-58cm L: 59-60cm XL: 61-62cm XXL: 63-64cm

A wide and beautiful selection of Cross Helmets in various colors and designs. Popular brands, such as LS2, GJC and  EVS. With a perfect mixture of safety, sturdy design and sharp lines, the helmets  our products provide the ultimate solution for everyday users. Cool features such as Pinlock prepared, ventilation, UV resistant visers and quick release are standard in most of our Cross helmet selection.

LS2 Cross Helmet

LS2 Cross Helmets has for an extendes period of time been our go-to helmet with the perfect balance between design, price and safety. With three diferent sizes in each model, we can guarantee a helmet that fits perfectly to every head out there. They are packed with cool features and can be used professionally and as a commuter. LS2 as a brand, is known for its designs and color options.