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Junak 106 50 4T Euro4

Junak 106 50 4T Euro4

One of the sportiest scooters in this segment. A very good scooter at a good price, perfect as a first scooter. It is easy to drive and, additionally, it is cheap to use. A small, agile, lightweight scooter built for crowded city riding. We can travel about 350 km on one tank with a four-stroke engine. A seat suitable for two people, but unfortunately quite small to comfortably travel for two over long distances. Perfect, comfortable and fast enough for one person to cover the distance. Additionally equipped with LED rear lights, storage box under the seat, storage box on the steering wheel, center stand, side stand and high performance disc-drum brake system. Available in two versions with a two-stroke engine and a four-stroke engine. For this model, the following colors were selected: white and red, white and blue, black and green and black and red.

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