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PGO Hot 50 2T (12"- 3 spokes)

PGO Hot 50 2T (12"- 3 spokes)

The big favorite PGO Hot 50

An absolute favorite on the Danish scooter scene. The market is booming with this now iconic model which, with its timeless design and easily accessible platform, has secured its status as a safe choice when it comes to choosing a machine where quality and price harmonize. Over the past few years, the PGO HOT 50 has grown to be Denmark's most popular scooter, with distance. A combination of good price, cool design and good driving characteristics have made PGO HOT 50 a popular homeowner. It's still the best-selling scooter - for several years in a row!

At Speedline, we have for many years negotiated and sold PGO HOT 50, as well as spare parts and accessories.