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PGO Libra 50 2T

PGO Libra 50 2T

The best for your PGO Libra 50

We have everything in spare parts and accessories for your PGO Libra, right here at If we don't have it, we try to get it. It's our mission to keep you well on your PGO Libra 50, whether it's a relay teasing if you need a new cylinder. Our extensive range spans wide, offering everything from tires, bulbs, shields, bearings, carburetors and to everything in between and beyond.

World class products

We work hard and dedicated to finding the best spare parts at the best prices. We do this so you can get electrical components, nozzles, cables, cylinders, variants, standard parts as well as tuning parts. No matter your needs and temperament, we have parts to suit your needs and fit your purse.

We go the extra mile

If, despite our efforts, you find that we do not have what you are looking for in your PGO Libra, remember that you are always welcome to send us an email at with your inquiry - big or small.