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Rieju MRT SM Drac / Trophy 50 2T Euro4 (2018->)

Rieju MRT SM Drac / Trophy 50 2T Euro4 (2018->)

The ultimate Supermoto package from Rieju!

When you mention the 'Supermotard' concept, one's thoughts are quickly transferred to a powerful MX machine, modified for street use. The essence of this is that Rieju has interpreted into their MRT SM Trophy 50 model where they completely reject the common understanding of what a Supermotard actually is, quite basic.

Rieju's Trophy variant looks bestial with its massive upside-down fork, which looks like something that should sit on a machine of substantially larger dimensions and the super fat oak rims, fitted with huge brake discs, further emphasize what this machine is all about: ridicule the other pseudo-supermotard models on the market.

This 'Supermoto' is the real thing.