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Rieju MRX-RRX 50 2T

Rieju MRX-RRX 50 2T

Rieju's early shot at the Enduro class

The MRX and RRX models from Rieju were some of the first on the drawing board in the 50ccm enduro class and thus paved the way for the newer 50ccm models from Rieju.

Rieju MRX and RRX are with AM6 engine and large rims, 18 "and 21" respectively rear and front and are clearly enduro oriented which means that comfort and side position are good and therefore you can roll long trips on your MRX and RRX machine, no matter the terrain.

Find the right parts for your Rieju RRX or MRX

We always strive to have a wide range of parts for your Rieju RRX or MRX. Whether you are looking for a new exhaust, cylinder or carburettor for your Rieju RRX or MRX you will find what you need right here. We ship in stock items within 1-2 business days because we want to get you and your Rieju RRX back on the road as soon as possible.