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VGA Grido 50 2T

VGA Grido 50 2T

One of VGA's early shots at the Tribe

The VGA Grido 50 2T is a really nice and price-conscious machine that offers modern features such as LED taillight, flashing and position lights. Engine-like, the older CPI Oliver, which is loosely based on a copy of a short minarelli engine, is why the spare parts are many and the mechanics are eventually fairly well-tested and well known to most with technical fingers.

A wide range

We have put together a wide range for you so that you have the best conditions to give your VGA Grido a new life.
You can find above engine components, electrical articles, tools, lire and styling, tires, brake parts, flashlights and much, much more.

Products from the world's top manufacturers

We are very proud that our range and selection contains so many quality products from world renowned manufacturers. This means that you can be sure that all our spare parts are of high quality when you order goods from us.
Among the manufacturers in our selection you will find: Polini, Malossi, RMS, Doppler, Top Performance and DR Racing and more.