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PGO PMX Sport 50 2T

PGO PMX Sport 50 2T

PGO PMX 50 Sport

The PMX that came with new stencils and colors that gave the model a rebirth as a tougher and tougher machine. It rekindled interest in PGO PMX 50 in its youth and offered good competition to both PGO's own Hot 50, but also other manufacturers in the market.

World class spare parts

We sell parts from any of the world's leading manufacturers. This means that whatever you are looking for and find, you can safely count on the quality being top and the price at the bottom.
You'll find a multitude of different parts for your machine, no matter the genre and price range. We have cylinders, variants, exhausts and we could keep going. All delivered by the best brands in the market such as: Malossi, RMS, Zoot, Polini, Stage6, Doppler, just to name a handful.

You never go empty-handed

If, despite our efforts, you find that we do not have what you are looking for in your PGO Ligero, remember that you are always welcome to send us an email at with your inquiry - big or small.