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Video series

Speedlines scooter projects

The first time we ever made a winter project was in 2006. Youtube just saw their early days back then and nobody in Denmark really knew about the media very well. Since then several winter projects saw the dawn of light and some are still around online, however most recordings were lost. Fast forward to 2017 where the idea about a proper Youtube project once took shape. This time everything was to be recorded and documented on video. The goal was to let our followers on Youtube and Facebook get full insight into the project. Our expectations was exceed beyond or wildest dreams and the backing for the project was through the roof. You can read more about our winter project series below.

It was not set in stone that our third winter project would see the light of day. Our Hot project was a huge success, and so was the Derbi project, but could we still do something that people would actually watch? During the spring and summer of 2019, we tried to touch base with our followers and asked them if they would be interested in another project. And what kind of project did they want us to do. The response was quite overwhelming to say the least. It was clear that they wanted to see another project, and it was also quite clear that they wanted to see us do a Jog R. The latter was not a big surprise as it has been a wish from many since we started doing winter projects in 2017, and it encouraged us to go on in the planning process. Fortunately, we had an old Jog R standing in the attic, and when the decision was made, we really couldn't wait to get started again. This time around the goal is to build a fierce machine for the track and the main objective is that it has to be CRAZY. But in fact, only Kasper and Kenneth know exactly what they intend to do with it. Watch below and follow the transformation of the machine during the course of winter.




Speedlines Derbi Senda project 2018Once the PGO Hot 50 project was done, we were no longer in doubt – there had to come a new project. However, agreeing which machine that had headline the next project wasn’t so easy. Some felt the previous Hot 50 project could get another overhaul, where as others felt it was time for a gear machine. Making the decision was not easy, so we decided to let our Facebook followers make the decision. With overwhelming response from our followers, the victory stood clear – 4 times as many votes for the Derbi Senda to the PGO Hot 50. A big victory for the gear machine! The Winter project 2.0 was luckily a big success as well, mostly thanks to our great followers.

All episodes of the Derbi Senda winter project can be found below:




It comes as no secret that the Derbi Senda winter project got a little wild! Even the frame went in for a custom made paint job, more specifically the same colorcode as the Lamborghini Gallardo – since less couldn’t do apparently. The scooter didn’t contain many original parts once done. Kasper and Kenneth also had a blast building the scooter and many ideas and dreams about the setup and styling was changed underway. We are beyond stoked for the final result. If you want to take a closer look at the details, you can find the machine in our physical store at Sverigesvej 9C, Skanderborg, Denmark.

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Speedlines PGO Hot 50 project 2017

Our PGO Hot 50 winter project took place in the winter 2017/2018. The scooter was an old and worn out mail scooter, which we managed to turn into a quite slick and nice machine. Starting from scratch the scooter was split into bits and pieces. First step was to fully clean the engine. With the base set, we started to build the custom scooter step by step, with help from our followers on Facebook and Youtube. A new video was released every second week up until the amazing day where the project was done and ready for display. The machine is now nicely displayed in our physical store in Skanderborg, Denmark and we highly encourage you to come and see it for yourself.

All episodes of the PGO 50 winter project can be found below:


Some of the parts for the project were already pre-determined. However, we got a lot of help from our followers on Facebook through votes. Some of the parts our users chose were cylinder kit, clutch and rear shock absorber. The user engagement was incredible and it made the project a lot of fun to make.

We didn’t want to make the wildest scooter on purpose. In order to make the project more relatable and realistic to follow back home, we chose parts that most of you already use and already buy through the website. We also hope the guide would help to make working with your machines back home easier.

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