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Puch Maxi 50 2T
Puch Maxi 50 2T

Puch means Puch Maxi

A legend among mopeds. Especially, of course, we have the legendary Puch Maxi as the main item. However, Puch has made many cool models, which are now worth a lot of money.
Few things can top the nostalgia and simplicity you get from riding a Puch.


We also have a hard time letting go of the nostalgia

Here at Speedline we know that many Danes still love their veteran machine, which is why we have done our best to provide the best equipment and spare parts for Puch Maxi and other models. We have original parts for your Puch Maxi as well as a lot of great equipment for styling, tuning and maintenance. Everything from Caburator to clutch can be delivered and we are just waiting for you to place your order with us. In return, we promise fast delivery and high service.