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Discount codes

Current discount codes at Speedline

On this page, we always inform of our current discount codes. The discount code will often be sent out to everyone that is subscribed to our newsletter where we always publish our current and relevant discounts.

Active discount code on Speedline:

No active discount code

Stay updated on special offers and discounts

If you wish to use a voucher in the future for or just want to stay updated on our selection by our newsletter or Facebook page, we recommend that you follow our different channels.

Unfortunately, we do experience fake discount codes and vouchers circulate from various websites, thus we choose to publish our special offers and discounts through our own channels.

Third party discount codes

Often, you will be confronted with fake discount codes via Google or similar search engines. That means that it can be difficult to differentiate between the legitimate and fake discount codes, whose sole purpose is to make you click on their links. Therefore we recommend that you only trust the discount codes that are issued directly from Speedlines digital channels or gift cards.

Low prices beat discount

At we still offer discount codes for limited periods of time. It is not as relevant as it used to be since we focus much more on an aggressive pricing strategy on our assortment.

That means the price of our products already are competitive and in most cases, it won't be possible to give any discount without losing profit. We always strive to offer the lowest prices, the lowest shipping costs, and the fastest delivery. That’s why you will often experience periods without discount codes.

Discount on the bicycle of your dreams

As we continuously renew our line-up, opportunities to get a discount on last year's models. You can always see our complete selection of bicycle- and equipment deals on our deals page.

On top of that, we offer a long list of accessories you can get mounted onto your bicycle, free shipping across the country (Denmark) as well as free guidance and service by phone. If you have any questions about our selection of bicycles, prices or anything else you can always call us on +45 8651 1181 or send us an email at