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Yamaha DT 50 R 2T (2007-2011) AM6

Yamaha DT 50 R 2T (2007-2011) AM6

Powerful off-road machine from Yamaha

The Yamaha DT 50 model series first saw the light of day in 1981 and has won many hearts around the world over time.

Equipped with a strong and reliable AM6 engine, the Yamaha DT 50 R is an easy-to-drive machine in its original form, while being a solid platform for tuning where it can be equipped with a larger cylinder and its straight, where it really gets new life and can live out its great potential. Of course, this is also one of the cornerstones that make the Yamaha DT 50 R a particularly beloved machine.

Like everything else from Yamaha, the DT 50 R is well built and the quality is top notch. This means that despite the model's many years on the market, it still has its place on the ladder of the best geared mopeds you can get!

Everything you need for your Yamaha DT 50 R

At Speedline, we are constantly working to have a wide selection of quality spare parts for your Yamaha DT 50 R, whether you need a new cylinder, exhaust, brake parts, gaskets, carburetor or everything in between, you will find it here!

Should you, against all expectations, be missing something that we do not have, we are always ready to help fulfill your wishes, so do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you need help.