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Frequently asked questions

Which size main jet should I use?

Unfortunately, it is more or less impossible for us to determine which size main jet you need. There is a lot of factors that come into play when choosing the right main jet so it can be necessary for you to just try different sizes until you find the right size for your engine. We, therefore, recommend that you purchase a main jet set that gives you the option of trying out different sizes.

Which engine oil do I need?

To be sure that your engine gets the appropriate amount of lubrication, it is paramount that you use the right type of oil. Oil can be purchased in many different qualities and mixtures, thus you need to know a few, simple, ground principles of scooter oil.

If you have trouble finding the perfect mix ratio we recommend a measuring cup that can tell you exactly how much oil that needs to be mixed into the gasoline, such as this Polini measuring cup.

If you are offered cheap oil it is a good idea to investigate whether or not the oil has the appropriate approvals. Cheap oil can often fail on some of the most vital areas and in worst case destroy your engine. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the oil you purchase is not for an outboard boat engine. This type of oil has a very low combustion temperature and can therefore not provide the necessary lubrication.

How heavy do my rollers need to be?

Unfortunately, it is more or less impossible for us to determine how heavy your rollers need to be. There are many things that come into play, so the only thing you can do is to try it out.

How do I measure squish?

Squish is the distance between the piston and cylinder head when the piston is in top position. To measure how big the squish is, you need one piece of 1mm sodering tin that you bend to a 90° bend. You stick the tin down the spark plug hole and make sure that it spans out to the cylinder wall. You turn the crankshaft so that the piston reaches top position three times, afterward, you measure the thickness of the soldering tin - this is done with a caliber. On regular Sport cylinder kits, the squish must be between 0,7 and 0,9mm. If you run a Racing or Hyperracing cylinder kits, the exact measurements will be described in the enclosed information.

Which size needle / small end bearing do I need?

The best you can to pick the right needle bearing is to measure the one you have at the moment or,  measure the inside width of the cross pin in the piston. If that is not an option, we have made a list of the most common sizes.

10 X 14 X 13 Minarelli std. and various sport kits
10 X 14 X 15 Minarelli with Athena/Hebo/Stage6/Top Performances TPR
12 X 15 X 13 Vespa std. width to std. 40 mm
12 X 15 X 15 Minarelli AM6, Minarelli S1R/Endurance, and Peugeot.
12 X 15 X 16 Malossi MHR Team and MHR Big Bore 77ccm
12 X 17 X 16 Minarelli/Vespa (HPC, RHQ, EVO), big cylinders (45+mm bore).
13 X 15 X 16 Malossi MHR Big Bore 87ccm

How do I know that I will get the right brake pads?

When we photograph brake pads we always make sure to make the shape and tabs of the pads clear and unquestionable. That way you can always compare the original pads with the ones on our website – and by doing that, you can make sure that you’re getting the right brake pads.

How much increase does a gearing, give?

To find out how many percents a gearing increases, you need to know the number of teeth on your current and the new gearing. Hereafter you can download our gearing calculator (made in Excel) and then you can calculate the increase in percent.

Click here to download our gearing calculator.


The item that I want to purchase is sold out – when is it back in stock?

We are continuously ordering restock and if a product is sold out it usually means that the item is on its way. We strive to always have the products we offer, in stock, but on items that are sold out, we can’t offer a specific delivery date because we don’t know for certain. If you want to make sure that you are notified when we get an item back in stock, you can subscribe to our stock agent. To subscribe you need to go to the sold out item and click on “Stock agent”. In the window that pops up, you have to type in your email address and as soon we get the item back in stock, you will receive an email about it.

I have placed an order to be picked up at your store – when can I collect it?

When you make an order, scheduled for pick up at our store, it means that the items are reserved to you. Therefore you can pick up your order as soon as it’s finalized. You do have to collect it within 7 days, otherwise, it will be canceled.

I have placed an order to Norway/Sweden – when will I receive it?

It usually takes about a week for the package to arrive. If you haven’t received anything after a week, we ask you to contact us at or by phone to +45 86511181.

What can I do if my order has not arrived?

Normally you will have received your order from us within three business days if all items in your order are in stock. If your package hasn’t arrived after three business days, you can always check your order status on our site as we often write messages to the orders that are delayed. Is there no help to be found here, you can always contact us at or by phone +45 86511181. If you contact us by email we ask you to write your name, order number and your question.

I have canceled an order but the amount is still reserved on my card. When will I get my money back?

If you have paid with a Mastercard Debit or Visa Electron payment card, regretted your purchase, and canceled your order it will take up to 30 days from the day you placed the order to the amount is automatically “freed” again. We can help you make that happen faster than that, just send us an email at

I have just placed an order, but I forgot something – what do I do?

If you have just placed an order but have realized that you have forgotten that you need something else? Instead of canceling your order, simply place another order and type into the comment section that you wish to have it merged and sent with the original order. We will make it happen and deduct any extra shipping costs from your order.

Install guides

How do I set up my Italkit inner rotor ignition?

When the backplate is mounted, the stator is put on without tightening it down. That way the stator can still be adjusted from side to side and thereby make it easier to set up the ignition.

Put the ignition micrometer on the cylinder head, loosen the screw and move up the piston to its top position in the direction the engine normally runs (clockwise, looking from the ignition side). When the piston is at the top, the screw is tightened so that the “pin” at the top of the ignition micrometer is tight (the piston is driven to the top by rotating the variator). Turn the ignition micrometer clockwise 1,4 turn (to set the ignition timing to 1,4mm before the top) and make sure that the piston goes back down counterclockwise (again seen from ignition side).

When the piston stands at 1,4mm before top the flywheel is mounted. The red line that corresponds with the arrow indicating which way your engine runs, is set to match the line that is shown on the stator. Tighten the flywheel and fine tune the last bit by turning the stator, afterward, tighten the stator.

Remember to always check to see if the red line is level with the line on the stator, 1,4mm before the top of the cylinder head and that the green line lines up with the line on the stator when the piston reaches the top position.

How do I fit my new handlebar grips?

To fit your new grips, first you need to remove your old ones, that can be done by spraying WD40 or another lubricant, underneath the grips by twisting the edge up and spray the lubricant in underneath the rubber. Afterward, start wriggling the grip and soon enough the grip will become loose. The handlebar is wiped off and sprayed with hairspray as an example. You must spray the insides of the new grips with hairspray as well before fitting them – after that leave the grips to dry for about 24 hours time, after that the grips should be fitted securely and if not it would be advisable to use glue instead of hairspray.

Which piston ring must sit up top on my 2-stroke piston?

If your piston rings have to colors, it is always the shiny/chrome piston ring that must be mounted up top.


I would like a refund for my purchase – How do I get one?

If you would like a refund of the purchase price for an item, we naturally accept the item back – though only if the item is unused, the packaging is intact and the order has been made within 14 days. Before you send the item back to us, you must print and fill out our return form and enclose in the item you return, so that we know exactly how to process it upon arrival.

Download our return form.

I have received broken or damaged items – What do I do?

Should have you have been so unlucky as to receive items that have defects, simply return it to Speedline and we’ll exchange the items that of course doesn’t have any defects or give you your money back. We also cover all shipping costs.
Before sending items back to us, you must fill out and print our return form, enclose it with the items you’re returning, that way we know exactly what to do with the items upon arrival.

Download our return form.

I would like to exchange an item – how do I do that?

In case you have accidentally ordered the wrong item or simply wish to exchange the item to something else, we will naturally help you out, assuming that the item is unused and its packaging is still intact.
Before sending items back to us, you must fill out and print our return form, enclose it with the items you’re returning, that way we know exactly what to do with the items upon arrival.

Download our return form.

I have received the wrong items – What do I do?

If you are so unlucky that you have received the wrong items, you just have to return them to Speedline and we’ll happily exchange them to the correct ones – as well as covering all shippin costs.
Before sending items back to us, you must fill out and print our return form, enclose it with the items you’re returning, that way we know exactly what to do with the items upon arrival.

Download our return form.